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Article 1

Name The name shall be Eden Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as ENA, which is located within the quadrant surrounded by Winchester Blvd., San Tomas Expressway, Williams Road and Payne Avenue, in the city of San Jose, CA.

Article II

Section 1 Purpose To preserve a safe, clean, friendly neighborhood.

Section 2 Mission To keep the neighborhood clean and attractive. To provide a forum for the discussion of political, social, and other issues of interest to the neighborhood.

Article III


Section 1 Eligibility Any person or family age 18 or over who resides or owns property in the ENA area shall be eligible for membership and for office.

Section 2 Voting Each member or family shall have the right to cast one vote.

Section 3 Voting method A simple majority of attending members rules on any regular agenda item.

Section 4 Association meetings ENA shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month. No meeting shall be held in July, August, or December. The Executive Committee may call special meetings. A seven-day notice shall be given for special meetings. Minutes shall be taken at each association meeting.

Section 5 Membership donations ENA shall request from members an annual contribution of $15 to pay for such things as the newsletter, hot line, post office box, and ENA sponsored activities. The contribution will be requested for each calendar year. The membership chairperson shall maintain an up-to-date membership list.

Article IV

Executive Boards

Section 1 Composition Elected members of the Executive Committee of ENA shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairpersons nominated by the president and approved by the membership. Standing committees will be the Newsletter, Membership, Safety/Security, Political, Beautification, Traffic and Social. Other committees may be added as deemed necessary by the association. Officers and committee members shall serve without compensation.

Section 2 Elections The Officers shall be nominated in October and elected at the November meeting by the members present. The successful candidates will take office at the January meeting.

Section 3 Term Executive Committee members shall serve a one-year term from January 1 of the year elected to December 31 of the following year.

Section 4 Term limits The President and Vice President shall not hold the same office for more than two consecutive one-year terms.

Section 5 Vacancies A vacancy of an elected officer shall be filled by a substitute presented by the Executive Committee to the Association for the remaining period until the next annual election. The association shall vote in the substitute as soon as feasible.

Section 6 Meetings The Executive Committee shall meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month prior to a general association meeting. The President may call special meetings anytime or upon telephone requests from three members. In either case, a three-day notice shall be given.

Article V

Executive Committee (Board) Member Duties

Section 1 President The President or his designate shall plan and preside at all regular and special meetings and supervise the direction of ENA events and committees. He shall keep important records while in office. He shall consult with and keep the Executive Committee informed and obtain their approval for all important pending activities and expenditures. With the Treasurer, he shall summarize yearly expenses and present a budget for approval by the Executive Committee and the membership early in the year. He or his designate shall review bills and Bank Statements before passing them on to the Treasurer.

Section 2 Vice-President The Vice-President shall carry out the duties of the President in the event that the President is temporarily unable to fulfill his/her duties. The Vice-President shall also work closely with the President to ensure committees and events function properly.

Section 3 Secretary The Secretary shall prepare and maintain minutes of meetings.

Section 4 Treasurer The Treasurer shall collect, distributes and oversee all funds ENA deems necessary for its functioning. The Treasurer shall present precise fiscal reports to the Executive Committee and its members at meetings, and shall deposit the collection of yearly contributions. The Treasurer, under the direction of the Executive Committee, shall ensure that funds are used for the exclusive support of ENA’s mission. Checks shall be signed by the Treasurer and by one of the following: President, or if unavailable, by the Vice President or by one of the past Presidents.

Section 5 Committee Chairpersons Chairpersons shall coordinate events and functions pertaining to the nature of their committees in conjunction with the overall purpose of ENA. The Chairpersons will collect ideas and suggestions from the membership and gather volunteers to help organize events. The Chairpersons will prepare a projection of anticipated expenditures, when appropriate, and obtain approval from the Executive Board prior to the sponsored event.

Article VI

Dissolution Upon dissolution of ENA, any assets remaining after payment of debt and liabilities shall be given to a non-profit community group, as directed by a majority of the Executive Committee.